Gaspare Nasuto - Pulcinella di Mare


L’Antica Tradizione di Pulcinella

Museu da Marioneta
15, 16 May at 10pm
17 May at 11.30pm

TECHNIQUE Neapolitan traditional hand puppets
TIME 50 minutes
LANGUAGE Neapolitan

You cannot miss "The Ancient Tradition of Pulcinella”… Pulcinella as you have never seen before!

The original, authentic and inimitable Neapolitan Pulcinella. Five centuries of Neapolitan puppets melt together to give birth to the work of Gaspare Nasuto: the timbering of puppets finely carved in walnut and cherry-tree wood, the precise handling of the puppet show, the use of the swazzle ("pivetta") and the movement's fine art make the shows of Gaspare Nasuto (one of the most important authors and players of Pulcinella's mask in the world) full of strong emotion and magic.

Gaspare Nasuto started his activity in 1989; as a puppeteer and sculptor, he is considered one of the Masters of the Neapolitan puppet tradition, a true tipping point for whoever wants to approach the secrets of the Neapolitan "Guarattelle". The "Guarattelle" are an ancient kind of hand puppet created in Naples around the 16th century. The peculiarity of the show is the voice of Pulcinella achieved with the swazzle, an instrument hold by the puppeteer under his palate during the show. The striking and exclusive movement technique of the puppets and its powerful performance give the show a strong modernity.