Surreal McCoy

United Kingdom

Big Rory & Ochie the Dog

Lgo. do Chiado R. Garrett
7 May at 7pm
8 May at 1pm and 6pm

Museu da Marioneta
7 May at 9.30pm and 11pm

Teatro Viriato
Streets of the city of Viseu

9 May at 11am, 3.30pm and 5pm

AUTHORS AND PERFORMERS Mike Rowan and Kristen Rowan

The nine foot loveable rascal, Big Rory, out for a walk with Ochie, his wayward mongrel. Inevitably there's total confusion as the amorous mutt careers around, peeing on lamp posts and heaven knows what else, with Rory in hot pursuit trying to contain the chaos. If you expect a quiet time from this pair, don't book them!

Mike Rowan (aka Big Rory) has been performing on stilts for over thirty years and is one of the most "stilt knowledgeable" people on earth. He has performed in 6 Continents, 35 different countries and more than 100 cities… In April 1988 he became the first person in the world to ski on stilts. He has also climbed 60 feet up ships rigging in stilts. In 2002 he also became the first person to walk on stilts on stilts! In creating Stiltz, the safest stilts ever to be designed, he won the John Logie Baird Award for "The most innovative product from an entrepreneur".

“Don't believe a word you've heard about Big Rory and the team - they are much better!! The most professional, hilarious, wonderful act we have ever had. Loved by everyone, they brought the town to a standstill... never boring and constantly evolving... an event organisers dream booking”. - Greystones Festival, Eire.