Thalias Kompagnons


What does Red do
on Thursday?

Museu da Marioneta
31 May at 3.30pm
1 June at 10.30am

DIRECTION Ruta Platais
TECHNIQUE Direct Painting
TIME 40 minutes
LANGUAGE Almost without words

A colourful story in seven parts for children from the age of 4.
Live painting with music by Maurice Ravel and Claude Debussy.

Can painting be performed live? Can you let children take part in the undesigned voyage of discovery of a painter being guided by his inspiration?
Do children also enjoy playing with lines, shapes and colours in a sensuous way? What stories emerge and fade away during the painting process?
Perhaps it is these very stories that give the finished painting its meaning...?

Joachim Torbahn, painter and performer, and the director Ruta Platais found together the answers to these questions.
The result: a painting in seven parts, almost without words, live painting on stage, behind a transparent screen.

Thalias Kompagnons mixes painting and theatre, awakening the children's creativity through the abstract side of the works presented by Joachim Torbahn”.

The colours have been mixed, the brushes are ready.
The painter stands behind the transparent canvas, ready to go…

“A subtle, minimal performance... unpretentious, without pressure to laugh... a didactic play with its own dynamic, a workshop without know-it-alls." – Abendzeitung

"Torbahn shows by example that the spontaneous enjoyment of movement and rhythm and the seemingly 'incomplete' images created have an infectious vitality and give your imagination wings... Not just recommended, but entertaining as well!" - Nürnberger Nachrichten

Thalias Kompagnons was founded in 1990 by Tristan Vogt and Joachim Torbahn as a professional freelance touring company. In 1997 the company (in partnership with Theater Salz & Pfeffer) opened their own theatre in Nurnberg, Germany. They get support from the City of Nurnberg, the county of Mittelfranken, and the government of Bavaria.
Thalias Kompagnons tours to theatre-festivals both nationally and internationally, including Switzerland, Austria, The Netherlands, Luxembourg, Finland, Slovenia, Italy, Poland, Hungary, Ukraine, Israel, South Korea, Japan and Australia.
Their productions present an interesting mix between puppets, theatre, painting, music and animation and with their shows of theatre/painting – live painting/music they have created a special synthesis of art and theatre.