Théâtre La Licorne


Les Miniatures de La Licorne
Chère Famille!

Museu da Marioneta
7, 8 May at 10pm

PUPPETEER Thomas Dubois
OBJECTS Alain Le Béon, Anne Legroux, Hervé Lesieur, Francis Obled and Patrick Smith
MASKS Hervé Lesieur
MUSIC Pierre Vasseur
COSTUMES Catherine Lefebvre assisted by Annette Six
PHOTOGRAPHS Laurent Pascal
TECNIQUE Object theatre and puppets
TIME 40 minutes

"Chère Famille!" a show for one actor, one table, tool boxes and tiny objects for secret places and meetings.
"A mad man, an inspired poet, a heroic handyman gives himself the mission to save a world of forgotten sequins. A world where one can fix the everyday life to make it glow a little more. Alone in his shed, surrounded by his tools, he is the unique survivor of a circus family and he now wants to believe in the miracle of his prodigious toolbox.
Longing for the smell of hay, grease and formalin, he recreates impossible acts, scale 1/30th!"

One little format show or a miniature by La Licorne and all the charm of their peculiar and imaginary world... singular and unforgettable!

Theatre La Licorne is a company directed by Claire Dancoisne and based in Lille, France. The manipulation of home made objects and masks are the core of their shows. Actors, visual artists and musicians work together to take imagination further. The beauty of the images and the art of masks are their way to explore a theatrical language made of flesh, paper, metal, colours and sounds. Non-realistic and often poetic, La Licorne proposes a unique blend of contemporary theatre, visual arts and puppetry.

“With an economy of means and space, the spectator enters an immense universe, a voyage into time, in the memory of circus, poetry and life. And poetry wins in the end, fragile like a family of birds on electrical wires.” - La Gazette Nord-Pas-de-Calais

“The magic comes from tiny things. From the gestures and dreams of a comedian projecting his desires of incredible acts on the screen of our childhood.” - La Depeche du Midi