Caroline Bergeron


A Criatura

CAMa –Centro de Artes da Marioneta
29, 30 May at 9pm and 11pm

DURATION Aprox. 15 min.
LANGUAGE Without words
Several sessions
Limited audience: one spectator p/ session

They find her in her rundown bathroom – as if she had come from a cartoon by Bilal.
She takes a bath in her sink, that is her domain.
She is as long as an arm, as gentle as a woman.
Maybe you’ll be lucky and can visit her in private.
For she will receive you in her castle. She is a queen.
What will she give you? What will you give her?
The small moment you will share with her will be unique and remain your secret...
Caroline Bergeron’s production for one spectator has a language of intimacy and vulnerability, of experiences that will shock you in a gentle way.

Caroline Bergeron, “show maker and Portuguese beginner”, was co-artistic director of Tof Théâtre for ten years and director of the company “Le Luxe” for three years. She worked several times with Madalena Victorino in Centro Cultural de Belém, like the show “Duelo”, for instance, that was co-produced by the same institution.
She developed many projects, like “Le Petit Bazar Erotic”. For this project she created “A Criatura”, which was revelled to her “in certain cases an emotional experience, a therapy. I was disconcerted by this experience and decided to investigate in this direction”. Caroline participated also in the Festival Percursos and started to developed and write the project “Sirens”. At the beginning of this year she started to “Invent an experience-show, called “Olha para ti”... about life before birth. As you can see, I am already trying to catch the world by the roots… To conclude… I heard a colleague of mine saying that he liked to be treated in the theatre like the children are by the pediatrician: gently and with respect. After all it’s this that I want to do: taking care of an audience of all ages with the same respect, delicacy and sensibility like we do with children.