Clair de Lune Théatre


Le Cyclo Théâtre

Teatro Nacional D. Maria II Foyer
28, 29, 30 May at 8.30pm and 11pm

DIRECTION Elise Dethier
MUSIC Rossini
PUPPETEER Paulo Ferreira
SET DESIGN, SHADOW PUPPETS AND CONSTRUCTION Paulo Ferreira, Miguel Borges and Alfredo Boniquet
TECHNIQUE Shadow theatre
TIME 5 minutes
LANGUAGE Without words
Several sessions – limited audience to 7 persons each session

A surrealistic journey of some minutes around the sumptuous scenography of a great theatre… The company of the Portuguese Paulo Ferreira, Clair de Lune Théâtre, headquartered in Belgium, invites us to watch its stories in the “Cyclo Théâtre”, a mobile shadow theatre, a “pocket theatre”… a world in small scale, like a toy theatre, where miniature rhymes with poetry.

A castelet conceived to present small stories, with no words, for seven spectators each time, where music has a basic role, inspiring and narrative. Stories that are like a sketch, synthetic, with some minutes length, beautiful and full of humour.

Came and take a walk in a shadow theatre on... wheels!

“La Boutique Fantasque” – In a big theatre, one magician makes transformations and believes that he can control everything, but his assistant doesn’t like him very much and everything can happen…
"Faux Semblantes" – The story of Little Red Riding Hood but a bit different from the traditional version…

Paulo Ferreira, encouraged by his firsts experiences with shadow theatre in the shows “La vie de Guesar de Ling” (France, 1984) and “Le Rossignol et l’Empereur” (Belgium, 1987), created the company Clair de Lune in 1990, with the collaboration of Paula Santos, Jesus Alvarez and Alfredo Boniquet. Paulo Ferreira, inspired by the work of Lotte Reiniger, the famous director of animation movies with silhouettes, is always looking to give the shadow theatre the same magic of her stories, because he considers her his “Shadow Master”.

"Seven people each time, in a pocket theatre, just like an ancient theatre: a moment with surprising shadows...” - Francoise Lison, Le Courrier de l’Escaut