Cie Planet Pas Net


Les Mamas

R. Augusta
28, 29 May at 7pm
28, 29 May at 9pm
Centro Cultural de Belém
31 May at 5pm

Teatro Aveirense
Streets of the city of Aveiro

30 May at 3pm and 5pm

The “Mamas” have just arrived! These Africans giants are coming with their children on their back, to offer you a very special view of the world, a magical and poetic moment, full of affection.

They are strolling puppets full of elegance and grace. Come and meet them!

In the frontier of the stilt and puppet shows, these 3,50m Africans, with their babies on their slings, with their jewellery and colourful costumes, will invite you to a very special moment in the city.

The Cie Planet Pas Net proposes a humorous and visual universe, singular and extraordinaire. The company was founded in 1998 and gathers artists of several areas (actors, visual artists, circus artists, etc).