Familie Flöz


Hotel Paradiso

Teatro Nacional D. Maria II
28, 29 May at 9.30 pm

CREATION Anna Kistel, Sebastian Kautz, Thomas Rascher, Hajo Schüler, Frederik Rohn and Michael Vogel
PERFORMERS Anna Kistel, Sebastian Kautz, Thomas Rascher and Frederik Rohn
DIRECTION Michael Vogel
SET DESIGN Michael Ottopal
MASKS Hajo Schüler
LIGHT DESIGN Reinhard Hubert
SOUND DESIGN Dirk Schröder
CO-PRODUCTION Familie Flöz, Theaterhaus Stuttgart and Theater Duisburg
TIME 80 minutes
LANGUAGE Without words

The road to heaven leads through hell.

Bizarre things happen at the peculiar “Hotel Paradiso”, a small family business painstakingly held together by the female head of the family.

There are four stars adorning the gate and a mineral spring promises the healing of psychological and physical hardships. But there are dark clouds on the horizon. The son dreams of true love while fiercely battling over the control of the hotel with his sister. The maid steals from guests and the cook dissects much more than just pork…

When the first corpse surfaces, guests and staff alike enter a whirl of nasty events. Between dizzying mountain ranges a dark, bottomless abyss opens that no one can escape. The hotel’s demise only seems to be a matter of time because dead bodies are always bad for business.

Familie Flöz was never darker, never more sarcastic. An alpine nightmare full of black humour, stormy feelings and a touch of melancholia.

“This is real treat!” - The Stage, UK. ““Non stop laughter. It's an unforgettable show”” - La Republica, Itália.

The Familie Flöz was created in 1994 and is an international pool of theatre makers, actors, musicians, dancers, directors, mask, light and costume designers, dramatic advisors and other good souls from ten nations.
Through constant rediscovery of century-old disciplines such as acting, mask theatre, dance, clownery, acrobatics, magic, and improvisation, Familie Flöz creates theatre experiences of a unique poetry.
The “best German comedy troupe” is based in Berlin since 2001, having enchanted audiences from Australia to Zimbabwe, China to Mexico, has been awarded numerous international prizes and have long ago become one of German theatre’s most successful exports, like “Ristorante immortale” (1998), “Teatro Delusio” (2004) and “Infinita” (2007). “Hotel Paradiso”, their last creation, will be opening its door at the Teatro Nacional D. Maria II.