Márcia Lança


Dos Joelhos para Baixo

Museu da Marioneta
27 de Maio às 22h

ARTISTIC COLABORATION Iuri Albarran and Tiago Hespanha
ARTISTIC RESIDENCE Espaço do Tempo, Montemor-o-Novo and Atelier Re.al, Lisboa
TECHNIQUE Dance and objects
TIME 35 minutes
LANGUAGE Without words
Finalist of the Programme Young Artists Young

A Márcia Lança solo about a paper city …

About “Dos Joelhos para Baixo” or “From the Knees Down”:
“Starting from a drawing in the ATL of the school n°6 from the Campo de Ourique neighbourhood, where pencil traces were erased by rubber, I noticed that erasing without leaving traces was impossible. After this episode I spent one year drawing. I chose a moment of the day in a specific place and draw the itinerary that I and other persons had use. So, for us to move across the paper, was necessary to erase and drawn ourselves again in another part of the sheet. I noticed that the distances and movements of the individuals could be redone by the trace that was left while erasing. I put this question on the stage, going from the “sheet” support to the “space” support.

I kept the paper sheet and worked in the studio making it interact with me. Of these experiences a series of actions with men and women of paper appeared, that initially could be resumed to the transformation of the paper matter in others. These characters wore exposed to sequences of events that determined their participation in the piece. Slowly, a paper city starts to appear”. – Márcia Lança

“The show follows a contemporary line… A work of detailed and sensible construction in paper, with critical sense and humour”. - Cláudia Galhos, Revista Actual, Expresso

“A dreamlike paper world signed by Márcia Lança... In “From the Knees Down ”, Márcia Lança is influenced by childhood memories: pencil traces in a paper sheet and the impossibility of erasing them, and the demand of sketching routes that remain clear. This graphic starting point is turned into a lively form lifted between the body of the performer and the paper structure” - Bellini, B. e Oliva, L.,Jornal do Vie Scena Contemporanea Festival, Modena.

“The raw delicacy of a paper world... The performance of Márcia Lança bewitches for the simplicity but, especially, by a critical dimension that manages to be imposed by a clear efficiency and a subtle violence... “From the Knees Down” is the first show of a young artist who managed to find a language that fascinates and makes us think. - Fumagalli, A., Jornal do Vie Scena Contemporanea Festival, Modena.

Márcia Lança was born in Beja in 1982. She studies Anthropology in Faculdade de Ciências Sociais e Humanas de Lisboa. In 2006 she was finalist of the Program “Young Artists Young” with the solo “From the Knees Down”. She also worked as a performer with the choreographers John Fiadeiro (“Existência e Para onde vai a luz quando se apaga?”), Cláudia Dias (co-creation of “3 Figuras do Excesso” and collaboration in “Visita Guiada”). She collaborated in 2005/06 with Olga Mesa in Pôle Sud, Strasbourg. She started her education in Show Arts in Chapitô (1999/02). From her dance formation she points out ex.e.r.ce 05 from CCN of Montpellier, the basic course of Movement Analysis by the IAM (2004) the Contemporary Dance Course and Movement Research in the SNDO of Amesterdam (2003), the Research and Choreographic Creation Course in Forum-Dança (2002) and continuous formation in C.E.M. (2001/04). She studied Voice in Regional Conservatory do Baixo Alentejo (1998/99) and developed vocal composition with Francisco D'Orey, Catherine Rey, Meredith Monk and Lúcia Lemos.