Tof Théâtre


Sur la Dune

Centro Cultural de Belém
Sala de Ensaio

26, 27, 28, 29 May at 11am
30 May at 11.30am
31 May at 11.30am

PUPPETEERS Julie Antoine, François Ebouelé and Toztli Godines de Dios
SCENOGRAPHY Alaine Moreau with the puppeteers help
MUSIC Max Vandervorst
SCENOGRAPHY ASSISTANCE Céline Robaszynski helped by Fredo Lubansu
CONSTRUCTIONS Michel Van Brussel and Simon Janne
CREATION ASSISTANTS Karine Birgé, Emilie Plazolles e Daniel Van Hassel
TECHNIQUE Full-view manipulation
FOR AUDIENCES OVER From 3 to 5 years
TIME 60 minutes
LANGUAGE Without words

Show without words for three puppeteers, two directors and one hundred people.

“In a picture, the story of René being pursued by a canary…
As I write these lines, the show is being created. The dream is my guide. There is a bathtub, sand, the sea and many other things ... and puppets. The very small ones and the very big ones mingle cheerfully. I see this show in an intimist form.
The sweet madness, the gentleness and the surrealism will have its place, for sure...” – Alain Moreau.

The Belgian company Tof Théâtre was born in 1987, an initiative of Alain Moreau, during the creation of the show “Le Tour du Bloc”. Initially created for adults, a version for the young public was also presented. It was performed more than 500 times all over the world. Follower of the “reduced realism”, Tof changes the traditional techniques of manipulation and offers the puppeteer to the eyes of the public, using full-view manipulation. The puppet is always in the centre of their shows, its size varying between 5 centimetres to 5 meters, for adults, children and very often, to both. The company also makes street shows, like “Bistouri“, “East Bénévoles” and “Fritkot“, touring and receiving numerous prizes in several festivals.

The company’s work is recognized by its technical quality and set design. In their shows they use an imaginary language based on sounds, sonorous effects and onomatopoeias. This universal and simple language is understandable by all, allows the company to present its shows to all audiences. They love the little stories of daily live, which narrate the epic banality, where the daily live is gently ridiculized. Frequently without words, with humour and emotions, the Tof Théâtre lend us their affectionate and critical magnifying glass, so we can enjoy in detail our little dramas.