Madalena Victorino



Museu da Marioneta
5, 6 June at 8pm and 11pm

COLLECTIVE CREATION BY Madalena Victorino with Ana Cloe, Ainhoa Vidal, Carla Chambel, Claúdia Gaiolas, Catarina Requeijo, Cláudio Silva, Joana Providência, José Abreu, Letícia Liesenfeld, Lucília Raimundo, Mafalda Saloio, Miguel Fragata, Nicolas Brites and Paula Diogo
TECHNIQUE Theatre, dance and objects
TIME 90 minutes
LANGUAGE Portuguese

Project Culturgest

“Lembranças” or “Remeberings” is a show in miniature… full of poetry, stories, performers, objects, moments that fill and warm you up: theatre and dance are possible in any time or space. It lives from the instant and from the abyss of the excessive proximity between who watches and who performs. It’s uncommon and fresh. Its lightness allows you to keep it in your soul pocket.

These are stories that happen where you want and when you want them to. In historical or abandoned buildings, in open air, gardens or squares, in the country or villages, inside cars or even offices.

Little stories between theatre and dance that embody an extraordinary poetry world. They last five to ten minutes each and offer you an unforgettable experience. Several actors present many stories, using humour, love, terror and action, amusing, enchanting and intriguing us all.

To watch these stories you have to follow the twinkling lights. When they are off the magic happens, in some special place and it will be illuminated by the viewer. In the end, the journey will continue and the lights will lead somewhere else.

“... theatre plays in a space where we never imagined that theatre could be done... A stage where love stories are told... Impossible love stories performed, imagine, with the help of two peanuts…” – Paula Rocha, Jornal de Notícias

Madalena Victorino studied contemporary dance at the London School of Contemporary Dance and graduated as a Dance teacher at the University of London, Goldsmith’s College / Laban Centre for Movement and Dance. She is a choreographer and teacher, having worked extensively in choreography, dance education and the relationship between art and society. Madalena has created several site-specific works that involve collaboration between professional artists and amateurs of all ages and backgrounds, in no conventional places, like factories, parking, museums, forests…
Between 1996 and 2008 she was the pedagogical and animation coordinator of the Department of Arts and Pedagogy in the Fundação Centro Cultural de Belém. Between 2000 and 2004, with Giacomo Scalisi, co-directed the Projecto Europeu de Artes do Espectáculo para um Público Jovem, Percursos.