Métalu A Chahuter


Pendule - Concerto de Objectos Animados

Teatro Maria Matos
21, 22, 23 May at 10 pm

TECHNIQUE Objects and music
TIME 40 minutes
LANGUAGE Without words

Day to day objects including bicycle wheels, pendulums, lamps and ball bearings have been placed end to end to create a human sized “musical mechanism”. As both protagonists and observers, the artists operate this with great care and precision.
As the objects are brought to life we discover their sounds and movements.

A genuine treat for the eyes and ears, this show takes us on an exciting journey to another world. Your eyes won’t believe in your ears!

Two individuals cultivate the fall of the bodies, germinate inactivity and collect sounds. Technology, with its increasing tendency towards miniaturization, makes the mechanisms that we can touch, observe, repair, modify disappear … the machines that we use are always smaller and more difficult to understand, making almost impossible human intervention. In “Pendule” the musicians experiment and play through an open device, with the central mechanisms at sight. This allows the audience to see what it feels and to feel what it sees. Jéranium and Man'Hu manipulate a mechanism made of recycled and assembled materials. The mechanical system propagates the movement between its components and multiplies the sounds. Lights and shadows enhance the spectacular effects of this machine.

Musician, factotum, Jéranium creates sound machines from recycling materials. Fond of mechanical music, he splits his activities in different musical projects, working with the improvisation group Silent Block. He is the author and capo-orchestra of Léon Napakatbra, street mechanical concert based on fair complex paraphernalia. Meanwhile he organizes interactive exhibitions of sound machines as Le Son des Choses and Les Guitares.
Builder and decorator, Man’Hu works with Jeranium in the production of Léon Napakatbra, Kiang and on the submarine workshop el Axolot. With Delphine Sekulak and Marie Bouchacourt founds the scenography collective Hirsute and prepares set designs for the shows of the collective Métalu A Chahuter.
Métalu A Chahuter is a collective that supports the creations of its members, aiming to offer the same opportunities to all the projects, thanks to a technical and administrative platform based on a joint economy. The collective gathers around twenty artists and technicians specialized in experimental creation and street art: puppets, sound machines, serigraphy, video installations and scenography. With about twenty productions in their career, they organize every year a street theatre festival and ten local events.

“At the end of the show, expect to be in love with the scene” – Cathy Blisson, Télérama

“An installation of rare poetry” - Sylvain Siclier, Le Monde