Theater Passt


Malzeit ou Bom Apetite

Teatro Maria Matos – Dressing room
14, 15, 16 May at 9.30pm and 11pm

PAINTING Silke Kruse
TECHNIQUE Live Painting
TIME 8 minutes each session
LANGUAGE Without words
Limited audience – 1 spectator for each session
Several sessions

Come to the table!
A feast for your eyes in a private room. Some seconds after, the curtains opens for a tête-à-tête between pupil, eyelid and line.
A mutual surprise, a little aperitif, an intermediate supper, a dessert on a festival’s menu.
“The eyes are the mirror of our soul”. Who said that?

Visual theatre and live painting in miniature by the painter and illustrator Silke Kruse and the special cicerone Gert Engel.

Silke Kruse studied in the Hochschule der Künste Berlin with Guenter Scherbarth and Heinz Weisbrich. She lives in Berlin, where, besides shadow theatre, she is an illustrator and writer. Gert Engel is also an artist and illustrator, they work together since 2000. Their first creation was “Frau Welt –Madame Monde”, a lyric shadow show for adults. They have made also “The Girl with the Stone Skirt”, presented in FIMFA Lx6. Since 2005, they work together under the name Theater Passt. In this year they also presented the show for children Die Drei Schulle – Les trois Chaussures”. Theater Passt investigates the relations between painting, text, objects and sounds, always with a very special ambiance.